PE Premium 2013/2014

Our aims for the grant:

The overarching aims for the grant allocation at Wansbeck comes under 4 key headings.


CPD - Up skilling  staff in identified areas of teaching and learning around PE.


Providing pupils with opportunities to be involved in all aspects of physical education and competition


Create lasting experiences that will inspire and motivate pupils to commit to life long involvement in physical education


Create a sustainable ethos / skill base amongst staff together with a suitable resource base to continue the delivery of high quality physical education post grant funding.


Current Year Allocation How the Allocation will be Spent How the Previous Year's Allocation was Spent Effect of Expenditure on Educational Attainment


CPD for staff based on skills audit conducted at the end of Summer 2014.


Increase the percentage of pupils who are exposed to a wider range of sports and physical activity.

(Coaches, equipment, cpd for staff)

Increase the percentage of pupils who have the opportunity to compete in competition.

(Transport costs)

Every child to participate in at least one new sport.

(Coaching costs, equipment, CPD)


Pupils to experience inter and cross school competition 

(Transport costs)

Experience "live" sporting events to inspire

(Transport and associate costs with live sport)


Development the outdoor environment to make it more user friendly to a wider range of sports 

(Resources, Structural)


CPD for new PE lead within the school to drive standards and the profile of PE higher.

Transport costs for increase competition


Specialist coaches

Decrease in the number of pupils listed as persistent absentees within school

Higher than national percentage of pupils making better than expected progress in all core subjects at the end of KS2.