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The English Curriculum

At Wansbeck Primary School we follow the requirements of The English National Currriculum, which can be found below. Throughout every curriculum area there is a strong emphasis on the basic skills of Reading and Writing, which are key drivers throughout our currciulum.


At Wansbeck Primary School we follow the requirements of the National Curriculum.

English is embedded into every area of the curriculum and Key English texts drive every topic across the school.

We develop successful writers as the children are initially immersed into the topic they are writing about. This enables all children to develop the vocabulary they need for writing. Children are also given opportunities to imitate writing (both orally and through writing) prior to creating their own version of a text. Grammar, punctuation and spelling are included in every topic and taught alongside writing to ensure that the children are embedding all skills that they learn into their writing. Daily spelling, punctuation and grammar activities mean that all of the children are able to learn new ways in which to improve their writing skills.

Reading & Phonics

Our aim is to develop a love of reading in all children by providing them with a wide choice of books that interest and excite them. Lower down the school word reading and phonics development is provided as the teachers develop an understanding of how each child decodes a text. In teaching phonics we follow letters and sounds. As each child progresses with their reading, the skills of retrieval, inference, language choice, understanding of vocabulary are explicitly taught within reading lessons. All children are able to learn the skill of reading whilst developing a passion towards it. Our home reading books come from a range of schemes including Bug Club and Oxford Reading Tree.

Our literacy termly overviews