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Mathematics Curriculum

The aim of the mathematics curriculum at Wansbeck is to develop children's love of mathematics. We aim to develop mathematicians who are fluent in number and reasoning due to their progression through the National Curriculum Programmes of Study. Firstly, children are able to gain knowledge of mathematical concepts through the development of understanding due to the use of concrete apparatus. Then, children move to pictorial understanding through visualising their mathematics with pictorial images. Finally, children move to develop their abstract understanding of mathematics.

Our maths lessons are divided into two parts:

  • During the first forty minutes of our maths lessons the children are taught new concepts and complete questions independently on these concepts.
  • After a short break of fifteen minutes (in which the teacher marks all of the children's work) the children return to the lesson and 'Same Day Intervention' is delivered to the children. Throughout this Same Day Intervention the children are either given further teaching to develop their understanding of the concept or they go deeper into the concept to develop greater depth understanding.