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Target = 96%

At Wansbeck we are passionate about raising attendance and making sure all of our pupils are in school learning as much as possible.

Due to this, we have termly and yearly rewards for those children who have achieved 100% attendance!

In any event that your child is away from school, it is important that you tell the school of the reasons for absence, as soon as possible on the day.

Please contact the school as early as possible if your child is absent - telephone 01482 814171

School Incentives

In school we are currently running a range of incentives to encourage the children to improve their attendance.

These incentives include

  • Weekly class attendance points
  • A termly attendance league table for classes across the school
  • Weekly prizes for 100% attendees
  • Termly prizes for every child achieving 99% or higher.
  • The new 100% raffle

Support from school

If you are finding that you`re having difficulties with your child and their attendance then please contact the school.

We are able to offer a wide range of support to assist you and your child and ultimately get their attendance improved.

This might include

  • Contact with the school health visitor
  • Work with the BEST team (behaviour support)
  • A visit from the Headteacher to talk to your child at home
  • A bespoke reward system for your child when they attend.