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What should I do if i am concerned about my child?

  • Speak to the class teacher.
  • Arrange an appointment with the SENCO (Miss Sarel).

What support does my child receive?

  • The class teacher will provide quality first teaching through effective planning and differentiation.
  • One on one/ small group interventions to support with a specific need.
  • Specialist support from outside agencies if appropriate.
    • These include:
    • Speech and Language therapy
    • educational psychologist
    • Northcott outreach
    • physiotherapy

How is my child's progress measured?

  • The progress is continuously monitored on a termly basis through meetings with the class teacher, SENCO and headteachers.
  • Class teachers constantly review progress and provide/adapt support as necessary.
  • Children's IEPs are monitored and tracked termly. 
  • EHCP yearly targets are reviewed annually.

How often should I meet with the SENCO?

  • You have the opportunity to meet with the SENCO each term at an informal cafe.
  • You can also arrange an appointment at any time.

How do we ensure that all children's transition to the next year group goes well?

  • Teachers pass on relevant information to the next teacher.
  • For year 6 EHCP,staff from the secondary school are invited to attend meetings. 
  • Children spend time in their new phase prior to moving.